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 Basic facts

   Copyright -

it is property rights for the protection of literary, artistic and audiovisual works
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 Patent -

it is a document, issued by a government office under certain conditions to protect of property rights for an invention or design in the concrete territory and within predetermined time limit

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Invention -

it is new idea, technical achievement, which permits in practice the solution of a concrete problem in the field of technology and comply with requirements of patentability

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Trademark -

it is sign which serves to distinguish the goods or services of a company from same goods or services of others companies

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 About our Centre


In 2002 year  a new company  which attracts the leading experts in the field of intellectual property protection  was opened in Uzbekistan.

This company is  Intellect-Business

Educational & Consulting Center.

The Intellect-Business Center is working to make the protection of intellectual property in Uzbekistan by most effective, operative and simple way both accessible to domestic and foreign applicants.

The work of Intellect-Business Center is directed to provide the highest service quality and take care of customers interests.

We propose for our customers  the full range of services in legal protection of intellectual property rights (inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks, computer programs and databases) in Uzbekistan.

If you need to obtain patent or trademark protection, deal with Uzbek Patent Office or to make patent informational search for local novelty in Uzbekistan, and also to register a license or assignment agreements in our Republic we are glad to help you.

Besides, you may obtain necessary consulting (or analytical reviews) in intellectual property legislation of Uzbekistan (including writing conclusion and copies of corresponding legal documents).

Note, that our Center active works in the field of training of qualified stuff in intellectual property protection, carrying out scientific-research works, publish textbooks for students, teachers and scientists of Uzbekistan.

As a result of active work of our staff members, we are first in Uzbekistan who elaborated the total set of training and methodological documentations in order to educate the students of our Republic in field of intellectual property protection. This set of documentation was adopted by Ministry of High Education of Uzbekistan and recommended to study students of our Republic.

For example, the leading experts of our Center created and published the following  textbooks and  other study literature:

1. Djumakhodjaev A.Z. Patentovedenie (Patent works) Tashkent, Mehnat, 2001.

2. Djumakhodjaev A.Z. International protection and licensing of the intellectual property objects  - Tashkent, Mehnat, 2001

3. Djumakhodjaev A.Z., Fattakhov A.A. Patentovedenie. standart teaching programme for students. ashkent, 2001 .

All textbooks were recommended by Ministry of High Education of Uzbekistan to study the students of our Republic.

You may find mentioned books  in Tashkent libraries, such as Al. Navoi Nation Library, Fundamental Library of Academy of Science, Patent Library and others.

In 2003 our Centre began the new project to make the electronic  courses of patent law. Now Internet and modern information technologies  give us the great opportunity to reach the development of a broad base of student and businessmen to educate them on the benefits of patent protection, and how the patent system works.

The example of results of the activity of our Centre in this field are the elaboration and issuing of  first Uzbekistan Electronic textbook "Patentovedenie" (Patent works"), and also opening of this web site.

Welcome, apply to our Center if you intend to protect your intellectual property.

If you will have any questions,

don't hesitate to ask us.


Lets protect your intellectual property in Uzbekistan!


Contact tel.: (998 78) 140 54 54

Fax: (998 78) 140 54 55



Office address: 5, Sebzor Str., 100011, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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