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   Copyright -

it is property rights for the protection of literary, artistic and audiovisual works
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 Patent -

it is a document, issued by a government office under certain conditions to protect of property rights for an invention or design in the concrete territory and within predetermined time limit

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Invention -

it is new idea, technical achievement, which permits in practice the solution of a concrete problem in the field of technology and comply with requirements of patentability

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Trademark -

it is sign which serves to distinguish the goods or services of a company from same goods or services of others companies

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 "Patentovedenie" (Patent works) Electronic textbook

At the end of 2003 year the Patentovedenie multimedia electronic textbook being the first electronic textbook in the field of intellectual property protection, which was issued in Uzbekistan.

Multimedia electronic textbook is an automation teaching system for self-study of intellectual property rights by students, and also by specialists for improvement their qualification.

Electronic manual includes two courses: Basic (for bachelors and independent study) and Advanced (for masters and practical specialists). Each one includes lectures, practice exercises and tests, inquiry-search system.

The program of electronic manual allows self-learning of lectures, making of practical exercises, quick obtaining of inquiry information about terminology and notions in the fields of intellectual property. Also the program allows to control of students progress during every letter and to calculate the total statistics of such teaching.

Music, audio effects or voice may supplement text and graphic materials.

The program allows some users to use one electronic textbook, and keeps the individual statistic of training for each user. After registration each user begins own study under individual login and password (optionally). Each student may find own statistic (lectures, tests, time of study etc.).

Patentovedenie electronic textbook passed through scientific examination and was recommended by Coordination Counsel of the Ministry of High and special Education as Textbook for students of Universities and Institutes of Uzbekistan.

This electronic manual may be used in teaching of bachelors and masters in high-educational institutions and to improve the qualification of teachers, scientists and specialists in different field of economics.

The first edition of this textbook (120 copies) was issued by support of Eurasia Foundation by funds of USA Agency for International Development (USAID).

Author of electronic textbook:

Asis Jumakhodjaev

Co-workers in making of software:

 I. S. Samarkina and S.K. Fadeev

Scientific consultants:

S.S. Kasymov, K.I. Ruziev and A.A. Fattakhov

If you will need to obtain any additional information about this textbook,

don't hesitate to ask us.

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