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 Basic facts

   Copyright -

it is property rights for the protection of literary, artistic and audiovisual works
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 Patent -

it is a document, issued by a government office under certain conditions to protect of property rights for an invention or design in the concrete territory and within predetermined time limit

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Invention -

it is new idea, technical achievement, which permits in practice the solution of a concrete problem in the field of technology and comply with requirements of patentability

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Trademark -

it is sign which serves to distinguish the goods or services of a company from same goods or services of others companies

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 Information resources

Here you may find basic information about legal protection of intellectual property objects




Laws and legal documentation

(English and Russian language versions)

  1. The Laws of The Republic of Uzbekistan

  2. International Conventions and Treaties

  3. Regulations and Instructions

  4. Forms and blanks


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